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Misty Creek Farms

March 13, 2023


These guys are very good. Thank You so much for repairing the Foundation on our Home. These guys come out & explain what is going to happen & how! Walked with us around our Home and explain how things would work, showed us photos of the equipment they use, explained about the holes and how they would actually level my House! Plus they cleaned up all the messed!! You can't even tell we had work done! These guys are very reasonable and that's why I choose them. I did research what I was getting into and these guys were by far the cheapest!! I would recommend them for someone looking to Level up your foundation!! I will use again if it every happens again, our House sits on uneven land! But I love it!! Thanks again Power Jack!!!

Raymond Biggs

November 12, 2022

Highly professional from the first call. Everything went smooth from start to finish. The estimate was thorough and covered all work we discussed. The crew that showed up worked hard from the first day to last, answering all my questions as they came up. When they finished everything was put back in order. I highly recommend this company and the team that came to the house. My wife and I are really pleased with the work and the house is in much better condition. I don't think you could find a better foundation repair team in Oklahoma or Texas, Thanks!!!

Gerry Milton

August 12, 2022

The men who repaired the foundation, especially during some of the hottest days of the month, did a fantastic job. They did an exceptional job of cleaning up. When there was an issue for inadvertent damage to a drain line, they again came out and worked nonstop to compete the job - to my extreme satisfaction.

News OK interview earlier this year, while working on inserting 66-year-old house to inserting around a dozen steel-driven piers just before the OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show. Click the picture above to watch the interview.

Zach Rieves, Vice President of Power Jack was asked on by Living Oklahoma to talk about what he knows best, foundation damage. Rieves advised their listeners on what’s best to do when the floor starts falling out from under you. Click the picture above to watch the interview.

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