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Signs of Foundation Problems

- Doors and windows sticking

- Cracks in concrete floors, sheet rock & brick veneer

- Gaps or separation besides garage doors, windows & door frames

- Gaps under interior baseboards

- Basement walls cracking and or bulging/ caving in


Causes of Foundation Problems

- Changes in moisture content of the soil due to weather conditions 

- Poor landscaping

- Poor drainage

- Lack of gutters

- Plumbing leaks

- Poor construction

- Pour lot preparation (pre-construction)

The Cause of Foundation Problems

Non-Compacted Fill Dirt - part of the structure sinks into the soft wall.

Plumbing Leaks - can cause the foundation to fail and crack the walls.

Water Run-Off - from the roof causes the soil to become oversaturated in some areas.

Water Ponding - Will also affect your home. Parts of the foundation may lift up then sink after the soil dries out.

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